I've read a little about Inline Frames, but it makes it seem like the iFrame is meant to accept/run an embedded (separate) web page. Syntax A tag is used with , and it divides a webpage into multiple sections or frames, and each frame can contain different web pages. In HTML, a frameset is a group of named frames to which web pages and media can be directed; an iframe provides for a frame to be placed inside the body of a document. HTML Frames Are Obsolete In HTML5: Here's How To Make Them Responsive. Frames had been deprecated because they caused trouble for url navigation and hyperlinking. An inline frame allows you to embed another document within the current HTML document. In his chapter, you will be learning about the frames and how they are used for creating multiple sections in … If Frames Are Obsolete in HTML5, What Is A Good Alternative? Thanks! Note: Do not use HTML tag as it is not supported in HTML5, instead you can use … What does How to Use Tags in Your HTML Code do? HTML5 is not a standard, though it may one day become W3C Recommendation. HTML Frames - HTML provides programmers for dividing a single browser display into multiple window sections, where each section holds the capability to load individual URLs. The element was used to break a single browser window into multiple independent browsing contexts. Frames Example. If the rows attribute is not set, each column extends the entire length of the page. Will iFrames allow elements like lists, etc.? The HTML